A T X H I P H O P . C O M

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    Established in 2013 was founded in 2013 when Austin was establishing its footprint as a hub to a more diverse musical city.

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    Re-Launching in 2022

    The publication and outlet is set to launch summer of 2022 and will feature content ranging from music, culture, art, and events.

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    SXSW 2022

    Our team will be out connecting with brands along with supporting our local artists who are featured in this years events.

Our Team

Adrian Salas - Founder/CEO

Thomas "Trey" James - COO/Creative Director

Steven Van Merlo - Partner/Content Manager

About Us

We pride ourselves in collaborating with the best events and artist in Austin, Texas. By providing our local expertise in marketing and technology our company emphasizes positive growth through building connections among peers. Our platform increases local reach through Texas and beyond.